Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gertrude McFuzz

Title: Gertrude McFuzz 
Published: 1958
Genre: Children's Book

Gertrude McFuzz is an ordinary bird with an ordinary tail. But when she sees Lolla-Lee-Lou has not one feather but two... well, that just won't do!!

Gertrude causes quite a huff and goes out to see her Uncle who happens to be a doctor. She pleads and pitches a fit how she wants a super awesome tail and while her Uncle tells her that birds like her just have one feather Gertrude McFuzz just goes right on being all spoiled brat about the situation.

Her uncle tells Gertrude of a pill-berry bush and off Gertrude goes. At first, Gertrude eats just one pill-berry and then two and then three. She just has to have more feathers than Lolla-Lee-Lou, but after she eats the whole bush... well, let's just say Gertrude McFuzz learned a lesson. Birds like her aren't meant to have feathers like that.... It kinda makes them too heavy to fly!! And after having to pull all the new feathers out, Gertrude realizes that her uncle was right all along.

Greta's Thoughts
I honestly couldn't stop thinking of breast implants while reading this story. I watch a lot of Bravo and am amazed how many teens in Orange County and Beverly Hills get implants at such a young age. I mean... they're still growing!! What's the rush?!! But they rush out and have to get their big knockers and it seems like when they turn 30 they want an even bigger pair but at 40 something it's time to get rid of those puppies (at least this is what I've been taught on The Real Housewives of Orange County). That is pretty much what I took away from Gertrude McFuzz. While you might feel pretty for a'll always meant to keep what you used to have.

Oh yeah... and jealousy and vanity too.... But I mainly thought of fake boobies. I wonder if that is what Dr. Suess was going for?

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