Friday, April 13, 2012

The Vanishing Game b y Kate Kae Myers: Review

The Vanishing Game
By Kate Kae Myers
Published February 14th 2011 by Bloomsbury
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Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

Seventeen-year-old Jocelyn follows clues apparently from her dead twin, Jack, in and around Seale House, the terrifying foster home where they once lived. With help from childhood friend Noah she begins to uncover the truth about Jack's death and the company that employed him and Noah.

Jocelyn's twin brother Jack was the only family she had growing up in a world of foster homes-and now he's dead, and she has nothing. Then she gets a cryptic letter from "Jason December"-the code name her brother used to use when they were children at Seale House, a terrifying foster home that they believed had dark powers. Only one other person knows about Jason December: Noah, Jocelyn's childhood crush and their only real friend among the troubled children at Seale House.

But when Jocelyn returns to Seale House and the city where she last saw Noah, she gets more than she bargained for. Turns out the house's powers weren't just a figment of a childish imagination. And someone is following Jocelyn. Is Jack still alive? And if he is, what kind of trouble is he in? The answer is revealed in a shocking twist that turns this story on its head and will send readers straight back to page 1 to read the book in a whole new light.

Darkfallen's thoughts:

Ok it is more of a 4.5 stars really. This book is sooooo good!

We meet Jocey three weeks after her twin brother Jack dies in a car crash. She is doing what any other high school senior would be doing in her shoes. She goes to counseling and she's trying to finish school. She thinks she is doing good until the day before spring break starts she receives a letter from Jason December. But Jason December is a code name for a game that her and Jack used to play when they lived in foster care at Seale House so how is she getting this letter now? Jacks dead...right? Instead of going on a camping trip she goes back to Watertown to look for the only other person that ever played that game with them at Seale House, Noah.

It doesn't take long to realize that Noah didn't send that letter to her house and now there is only one thing left to do...follow the clues and find Jack. But as each Jason December clue unravels the stakes keep getting higher. Will they be able to find Jack? Or are they walking into an early grave?

This book was great! I loved all the suspense and how it kept me guessing. Better yet I loved how every time I thought I had it figured out there would be a twist that proved me wrong. And even better than the creepy suspense surrounding the plot there was the added intrigue and suspense wrapped around the relationship between Jocey and Noah. I loved them together, even in their less than charming moments. There is so much tension between these two that at times it's palatable and you can't get enough.

Then there is a twist at the end that you never could have saw coming no matter how hard you try that will leave you both GASPING and heartbroken. Of course I'm not going to tell you what that I guess you are just going to have to pick up the book and find out for yourself. *winks*

Now why didn't I give it a full 5 stars? Well there were times that I found myself drifting slightly bored in places. But it never lasted long and then the next page would leave you with a huge gasping moment and suck you back in. So I took a half of star away for some of those lulls in the story. Even still this is a great book with an ending that will leave you utterly shocked. You should definitely pick this one up.



  1. I've had this on my TBR list since I stumbled up on it.. Thanks for the reminder! Great review!

    Keely ~ Realms of an Open Mind

  2. This is totally on my read list this month. I hope to read it during the read-a-thon. Awesome review.