Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Six Weeks

Title: Six Weeks
Author: Jessica L. Degarmo
Published: 2011
Synopsis from Goodreads


In 'Six Weeks', Jessica L. Degarmo departs from the style of her very successful Romance novels - 'Hooking Up', 'The Storm Within', 'Decisions' and 'How To Meet A Guy In The Supermarket' - to examine every teenage girl's nightmare: that she is pregnant and not certain she's ready for a child.

It is a life and death decision – not her life, but her decision - and despite the opinions of those around her, she is on her own.

In a world of gray, one thing is black and white. Six weeks is her deadline to decide.

Maybe you have been there, in which case you will understand.

I could relate to this book. Not in a sense of abuse but in the sense of being young, pregnant, and on a thin line between poverty and spinning out of control.

If you have ever experienced such a thing. If you have ever found yourself at a Pregnancy Crisis Center. If you have ever been given a choice and found it hard to choose. Then this book is for you.

Imogene is 19 years old. She goes to college, has an 8 year old sister, lives in a bad part of town, doesn't have any money, and her mom is a drunk.

On the bright side she is trying to better herself with schooling. She yearns to get away from her mother. To take her sister with her as they imagine themselves on a house on the beach where they can hear the ocean and ride horses.

But that's a child's dream because Immy has to grow up. She just learned that she's six weeks pregnant and only has six weeks to make a decision. One that could change everything. One that could leave her without child or bring one into the world.

I adored this book. It's short but that was great! It was in no way drawn out and the characters are so colorful that you can imagine them every time you read their lines.

Immy is the girl who tells the story. She's unsure what to do with her new problem. Keep it? Or let it go. She goes to a free clinic and then to an organization run by a church. She's given the options but she has only six weeks to decide.

Sadie is Immy's eight year old sister. She's very smart and to me acted more like an eleven year old. She was a very needed character in this book and I enjoyed how the author portrayed her.

Matthias is the father of Immy's baby. He is twenty years old, has many siblings, and lives in a very abusive home. Matthias thinks he can raise the baby. He wants to. But would he be able to?

Immy's Mom is a total drunk. She scolds Immy for messing up her life. She doesn't show any support and only worries about where she will get more booze.

If you enjoyed Ordinary Beauty by Laura Wiess or How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr then you'll really enjoy Six Weeks.

I found it highly entertaining. It was like watching a reality show mixed with an afterschool special.

Jessica L. Degarmo has defiantly made a new fan!

***Song that reminds me of Six Weeks - Lullaby by James


  1. Wow, sounds like a powerful book. I was young and pregnant once so I've been there. Even tho it feel like several lifetimes ago lol.

  2. Great review..this is a hard subject and this sounds well done.