Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tim O'Rourke's Swag and Books Giveaway from Can't Put it Down

Paranormal Wastelands is proud to present a special announcement from Jenn at Can't Put it Down.

Please stand by:

Hello Wastelanders!!

So, our favorite Kiera Hudson author has given me the green light to go go GO with this giveaway and I think you will all be super stoked!!!

First, I'm gonna tell you what he wants to give!

How about an e-copy of Vampire Shift AND a Vampire Shift skin for your iPhone 4


an e-copy of Dead Flesh AND a Dead Flesh skin for your iPod Touch!!!!!

Exciting isn't it!

Here are the images, and remember, this is NOT for the device, you have to already have that, they are the skins only

(ya I know common sense but just in case!).

VAMPIRE SHIFT skin for the iPhone 4

DEAD FLESH skin for the Apple iPod Touch 2nd/3rd Generation

*How to Enter*

Please Visit my blog - Can't Put It Down - Leave a comment on the designated blog post including your email address. That's it!

*Things to Know*

1) Tim is so super nice he is willing to send the skins anywhere! This is open internationally!

2) Winners will be drawn at random for both sets of prizes.

3) Winners will be notified via email and must be willing to provide a name and mailing address, all of which I will pass along to Tim for shipment. I will also share you email address with Tim so that you can get your book copy!

4) Winners will have 24 hours from the time I send the email to respond back to me with the information requested. If I have not heard back within the 24 hours, a new winner(s) will be drawn and the same provisions will apply.

5) No P.O. Boxes

6) Rules and/or prizes are subject to change at my or the author's discretion.

7) Dead Flesh is almost ready for release so rest assured winner, Tim will get your copy to you just as soon as it is available.

8) Giveaway ends April 30, 2012. Winners will be notified by May 2, 2012!


  1. I entered..super excited about book release..especially since the book is dedicated to yours

  2. Thanks for sharing this with your Wastelanders!!! Jenn CPID