Friday, April 6, 2012

Fractured Moon by E.R. Pierce: Review

Fractured Moon (Steel 1)
By E.R. Pierce
Published March 3rd 2011
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Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

Aurelia Fridell will always be a freak. Born to werewolf parents, her twin brother Ville can shift forms, but she can't. Twenty-five years searching for answers yields nothing.

As her thirtieth birthday approaches, isolation creeps in, and worry settles in her gut. She accepted her existence long ago, and yet lately, she's felt off-kilter. Eyes follow her, prickling her senses. Her headaches are getting worse.

Is she paranoid, or is there really someone, or something, stalking her? Watching. Waiting. Drumming fingers to a sinister beat she can't hear.

Time will tell.

Ceithin Starkley isn't looking for a mate. Especially now. In fact, he doesn't believe in true-matings at all. While he is being recruited for a new job, a scent on the wind stuns him, and he finds himself fighting an inner battle he never wanted, yet can't ignore.

Sparks fly, as Ceithin and Aurelia fight fate and race against a clock neither knows is ticking.

Will he claim Aurelia before he loses her for good?

Warning: This book is sexy. Contains a drool-worthy Alpha male wearing Beta clothing. A sassy and sweet heroine with brains and brothers you'll adore. A best friend every girl would love to hate. I mean have. And an impossible road no one will see coming.

Darkfallen's thoughts:

3.5 Stars

Aurelia is a werewolf...well kinda. See when she was little and the rest of her siblings were able to shift she couldn't. All grown up now and long since given up on ever being able to fully shift in wolf form, she has learned to deal with all the snide comments and the dirty looks. She's also come to accept that she will probably never have a mate of her own. I mean who wants a mate that can't actually shift?

That is until Ceithin comes to town...and not only is she about to find her mate but her entire life is going to be turned upside down.

I loved the way Ceithin acted when he first met Aurelia, or should I say jumped her? It made me laugh out loud because I could actually see it happening that way. It was nice to read a werewolf story where the werewolf actually acts on animal primal urges. Also the way their relationship unfolded was perfect. It wasn't all mushy and "love at first sight". No it was nice to see real life challenges, such as other relationships, making a play in everything. It was also nice to see that Ceithin was a real man that ended one relationship before starting another. So many authors let the man cheat on the previous women and I just don't understand that. I mean is that supposed to be a turn on? Lol

This book is full of twists, turns, hot sex scenes, and plenty of action to keep you sucked in. It did seem to jump around a little in places, but nothing that every really bothered me or had me lost. I just wish it could have been a little more fleshed out in places. Still I LOVED these characters. Both the mains and the side characters were well written and likable. Especially her best friend Astrid. She was down right awesome! But then who doesn't love a female tattoo artist?

Overall this was an easy and fast read that kept me guessing until the very end. If you are a fan of hot steamy PNR then this book is for you!



  1. Great review..i laughed aloud about them acting on animal instinct. Thanks for sharing this one