Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Ryder - Kindle Giveaway!

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday!
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This week’s teaser is from....

Standing upright she turned her head towards the light and howled a song only she knew the words to. The boy screamed at the same time. A blood curdling sound that could only be heard in the low budget horror movies.

Ryder by Greta Maloney --15%

Greta: This week's teaser is to awesome for words. Why? Because a Wastelander wrote it.

Darkfallen: That's pretty narcissistic of you, Greta.

Greta: No its not! It's awesome! And you know what else is awesome?

Darkfallen: Green noodle spaghetti?

Greta: What?

Darfallen: Spaghetti... with green noodles.

Greta: Why the hell is that awesome?

Darkfallen: What?

Greta: What?

Darkfallen: Damn it, Greta! You're confusing me!

Greta: I'm confusing you?! You're the one talking about green noodle spaghetti.

Darkfallen: Which is awesome, by the way.

Greta: No, what's awesome is from now until tomorrow at midnight PST you can download Ryder for free from Amazon!

Darkfallen: What about our lovely Wastelanders that don't have a kindle?

Greta: Then all they have to do is email me at:


And I will so hook them up with a "RYDER" PDF.

Just title your email "Free Ryder for me!"

Darkfallen: That's mighty nice of you.

Greta: More awesome than green spaghetti?

Darkfallen: Woah woah woah! I wouldn't say that!

Greta: Then what would you say?

Darkfallen: Umm... SO ummm yeah! - Wastelanders, go snag your copy of Ryder!! It's almost as awesome as green spaghetti!

Now that we have your attention.. C'mon and tease us!!

Free Kindle Download of Greta Maloney's novel Ryder on Amazon. Now through April 4th. Don't miss out!


  1. Lol, gr8 'convo' at the end :-D

    Love the teaser, here's mine this week: http://ttoria.blogspot.com

    Happy reading :-)

  2. Interesting teaser. Thanks.

    My TT - http://mamaknowsbooks.blogspot.com/2012/04/teaser-tuesday-9.html

  3. I really enjoyed that teaser too!