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Top 10 Tips for a

Magical New Year’s Eve

By Sin & Dice

Candice Regan Moskow (AKA Dice) and Sinclair Youngblood Powers (AKA Sin) are the star-crossed, tumult-tossed couple from Nina Malkin’s SWOON and SWEAR. These two have been through a lot together, and despite all the drama—or maybe because of it—their love has never been so strong and strange and true. You can seek their counsel anytime via their amorous advice column Here! But with one of the most potentially romantic nights on the calendar coming up, we thought we’d tap the paranormal pair for some guidance on how to have magical New Year’s Eve. Here are their top 10 tips for a magical kick out of 2011.

SIN: As fully documented in SWEAR, 2011 was challenging—treachery, abduction, insanity, betrayal. Yet this is the year that you and I reunited, Dice—it was our fate to endure all that so that we can be here, now. That makes me somewhat ambivalent about bidding the year farewell.

DICE: Yeah, well, Sin, for once it’s not all about us. We’re here, now, to help other people have the best—and most romantic—New Year’s Eve ever.

SIN: Indeed. New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to spark new love, intensify true love, even rekindle past love. Yet it can also be fraught, whether you’re romantically involved or not: What to do, whom to do it with, date or no date, and all the concerns about kissing when the clock strikes 12.

DICE: Right. So my first tip goes out to anyone fiending hard right now: Ask. Him/Her. Out. It may seem counterintuitive to go for it on a special occasion, but actually it’s easier than asking out your crush at random, since you can bring it up casually in conversation. Like, “So what are you doing for New Year’s?”

SIN: Precisely. That way, you’re at no risk of embarrassment if the object of your affection happens to have previous plans. Take note, however, that having a date isn’t the only route to an enchanting New Year’s Eve.

DICE: So true, Sin. What would you prefer: a so-so date with someone you’re not that into, or the freedom to meet the most amazing person ever?

SIN: On this night, the whole world on the brink of future, our minds and hearts and souls are ideally open to possibility. Who knows who might be out there for you?

DICE: It’s the sort of night when best friends can look at each other and finally realize they belong together. Or when a stranger who’s a full 180 from what you think is your “type” will seem beautiful and wonderful and sexy and sweet and…perfect. So go out believing that anything can happen.

SIN: When that’s your attitude, it will show in your smile, your carriage; your very being will shine. You’ll attract and interest more people, and you’ll find more people attractive and interesting.

DICE: Dress the part, too—dress for delight! Just be sure to dress for comfort, too. NYE is a loooong night. So if your clothes are so tight you can’t breathe or your shoes too high for dancing, you’ll cramp your own style.

SIN: A long night ought mean plenty of options, as well. Why limit yourself to one party; find out about several and make the rounds. Do not succumb to snobbery. Your best time might not be at the biggest party, or the one with the “coolest” host. You might have the most fun and meet the most fascinating people out on the street going from one to another.

DICE: That's right—talk to strangers! NYE is a great excuse to drop any shyness and step out of your zone a little. Just be careful about liquid or chemical courage. Because let’s be real, some people act like it’s a law: You must get wasted on NYE. And there will be a lot of stuff out there. So all I’m saying is, if you do partake, pace yourself. My rule of thumb is for every glass of champagne—sipped, not guzzled!—have a glass of water…or seltzer if you’re partial to bubbles.

SIN: Sage advice, my lady. No one wants to be caught in the throes of regurgitation or passed out on a pile of coats. And do keep an eye out for your companions. Friends don’t let friends behave foolishly under the influence. But so far our counsel has been for the single ladies and gentlemen. Let us not forget couples. Let us not forget us

DICE: Ooh. Yeah. Right. We never even discussed what we’re doing for NYE, Sin—and it’s our first! I mean, are we going to be in Swoon…or NYC…or…

SIN: As long as we’re together I don’t care where we are. Moreover, on a special night, I’m less inclined to share you with the world. How would you feel about a private party?

DICE: You mean, skip the whole scene, the whole hustle-bustle New Year’s mania? Have a quiet dinner a deux? A cuddle in front of the fire? An intimate game of truth or dare? Bundle up, go outside and stare at the stars? Come back and indulge in…chocolate-covered strawberries…or something.

SIN: Yes. Or something. Yes…

So, to recap, here are our Top 10 Tips for New Year’s Romance

1)      Dare to ask your crush out — casually

2)      Don’t settle for just any date

3)      Be open to amorous possibility — everywhere

4)      Believe in amorous magic

5)      Dress for fun — and for comfort

6)      Party hop

7)      Talk to strangers

8)      Pace yourself

9)      Keep an eye on your friends

10)  Skip the scene if you feel like it — but still make it special

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