Monday, October 8, 2012

Tim O'Rourke Helps Decorate the Wastelands

Greeting Wastelanders!! It's time to deck the Wastelands mansion with all sorts of Halloween decorations! And perhaps we'll get a surprise visit from super famous author - Tim O'Rourke! If you're good lil' Wastelanders then maybe he'll stay for a while.

Darkfallen: A little to the left. No, a little more. No, too far. Now, to the right! Wait! Stop right there!! Perfect!!

*The Wastelands’ giant, Hugo, drops Greta to the ground (because he wasn’t taught how to put things down gently) and tromps off to play in his sandbox.

Greta: Awesome! Our Halloween transformation is almost complete!! Have you gotten the coffin out yet?

Darkfallen: No, it’s down in the basement.

Greta: Well, go down and get it!
Darkfallen: I’m not gonna go down and get it!! There are spiders down there!

Greta: Then send Hugo!

Darkfallen: He won’t fit.

Greta: Rats!

Hugo the Giant: Fe Fi Fo Fum!

Darkfallen: What’s his deal?

Greta: Beats me. Maybe you should go kick him or something.

Darkfallen: What? That’s inhumane!

Greta: No, it’s not! Giants like it when you kick them!

Darkfallen: Really?

*Darkfallen walks over to and kicks Hugo then gets bopped on the head then walks back to Greta looking like a cartoon acordian!

Greta: You dork!

Hugo the Giant: Fe Fi Fo Fum!!!

Greta: Seriously!! What is his deal?!!

*Hugo sniffs the air

Darkfallen: Did you put on deodorant this morning?

*Greta sniffs pits.

Tim: I did, so I don’t know why Hugo is complaining!

Darkfallen: Hey look!! Hugo was just smelling an Englishman!!

Greta: Hey Hobbit! How’s it hanging?

Darkfallen: Ewww!! I so don’t want to know! Don’t answer that Tim!

Tim: To the right I think?

Greta: Dude!!! LOL!!

Darkfallen: So, how goes the life of the published author? This has really been the year for you!

Tim: It’s going really well. Never thought it would happen – but then again Bilbo Baggins got a book published so why should he be the only hobbit to have some fun!

Greta: Wow!! What a year! Hey, do you think you can do us a favor?

Tim: Anything for the gorgeous Darkfallen and Greta (trying not to creep too much)

Greta: Awesome! Go down into the basement and bring up our coffin. We need it for our yard display.

Tim: It had better not be too dark down there! (wishing now that I was back in Hobbiton smoking my pipe and shaving my feet).

*while Tim is away

Darkfallen: Do you think we should have told him about the spiders?

*Tim screams

Greta: Nah, I’m sure he knows by now.

*Tim plops coffin down in front of Greta and Darkfallen –panting

Darkfallen: Sweet!! Thanks Tim! Now, if you don’t mind, can you put it up by that tree?

Tim: I think I swallowed a spider! *Cough! Splutter! Puke!* Yeah I did swallow a spider!

Greta: Excellent! Now, open the lid up. Inside there are some chains and a lock. Can you get those out for us?

Tim: I can’t see any chains!

Greta: No, they’re in there! You might need to get inside to find them.

Tim: Okay – if you say so Greta. You wouldn’t trick a poor defenceless hobbit like me would you? It’s not my fault I have a funny accent. 

Darkfallen: Oh silly me! I forgot! I have the chains and locks right here.

Tim: What are you doing guys! This isn’t funny anymore! I’m scared! *Crying*

Greta: Muhahahahaha!!

*Greta and Darkfallen quickly chain the coffin lid closed while Tim knocks fiercly on the lid.

Darkfallen: Most awesome!!

Greta: Yes yes! No Halloween display is complete without a corpse!

Darkfallen: Do you really think this will make Tim a corpse?

Greta: Only one way to find out.
Darkfallen and Greta: See you at Halloween, Tim!!!

And since Tim is going to be locked in our coffin we figured we would make him sign a few of his books to give away!!! One lucky winner will win e-copies of Kiera Hudson Series 1 AND a signed paperback of his latest book Moonlight!!
This is open internationally. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below:-)

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