Thursday, October 18, 2012

Laura A. H. Elliot's Halloween Party at the Wastelands

Paranormal Wastelands is proud to welcome Laura A. H. Elliot author of The Shadow Series.

I like big brains & I don’t know why....Party with Hippie Vampires, Ozzie Osbourne & Lady Gaga to escape ZOMPACOLYPSE! But, beware the SHADOWS!! [party favors at the end! - Laura A. H. Elliott]

Egads, in this pic it looks like we just noshed on brains, er...necks!

My husband and I dressed up as Hippie Vampires to go to our friend’s annual Halloween Party a few years ago. But the really funny part of trying to be so terrifying? We weren’t. Everyone thought my husband was Ozzie Osbourne. And ya know, after donning the round glasses and the black wig, he really did look like Ozzie! Since the party was in LA, they didn’t just think he was dressed up! He was a big hit and the go-to guy to pose with for Halloween photos all night!

I love Halloween. I love dressing up and pretending. I guess that’s why I like to write so much. Writing gives me a great way to dress up all the time :D I think the best part about Halloween parties and dressing in costumes is what I love about a good story. They’re full of surprises and sometimes laughs and take you to unexpected places. Surely when we dressed as Hippie Vampires we had no idea the real hit would be Ozzie. Or that later that night, a club we went to would be overrun with cops, but...that’s another story.

 Here, I’m the jellyfish dancing with Lady Gaga.

I was all out of ideas this particular year. We’d just moved and our new neighbors were having this massive party in this super-cool Victorian house. I had no idea what to be. I was standing in line at Target and randomly asked a girl in line about her Halloween costume. She said she didn’t dress up, but if she was going to a party she’d go as a jellyfish. I’m like, what? She said to google Martha Stewart Jellyfish Costume and I’m like, okay. Well, I had the bubble umbrella and the rest was a piece of cake! Anyhoo, my jellyfish costume reminds me of good books. Most of the time I find out about them from friends, or people I run into.

I always wanted to write a spooky series. The Shadow Series is Halloween inspired. Shadows are a lot like zombies! Here’s a little bit about The Shadow Series:

13 on Halloween (Shadow Series #1) When Roxie invites all the eighth grade peacocks (code word : popular kids) to her first ever thirteenth birthday party on Halloween, they all come and give her a gift that’s literally out of this world. Roxie astral projects to Planet Popular where she becomes seventeen instantly and gets everything she’s always wanted, but nothing is as it seems. FREE ON AMAZON!

Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) Shadows will do anything to become human. You see their influence everyday. You say things you don’t mean or do things that aren’t like you. You look, different. Friends you’ve known forever suddenly never call. Planet Popular was just part of a bigger world, the shadow world. When the shadow invasion begins at Roxie’s high school, she’ll fight for her life and the lives of her family and friends, when she discovers she’s the Shadow Slayer, the one human who can save Earth from the shadow onslaught.

Laura A. H. Elliot wants to here from you!

Anyone who comments on this post about one of their Halloween costume memories (bonus points for links to pics!) & tweets about this post (@laurawritingwill be entered for a chance to win a Shadow Series swag pack including a Shadow Slayer USB drive [2 G] filled with The Shadow Series! [open internationally] Giveaway open for three days! Happy Halloween! Don't forget to leave your email!!

Party favors : Follow @Laurawriting and DM her your address for signed Shadow Series bookmarks!


  1. Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween, so sorry I don't have any costume memories. Have tweeted though.

    twitter link:

    email: ktturner111(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  2. I would love to be entered for this fantastic giveaway, of some increadible books. I can remember one Halloween when me and my horse dressed up (during the daytime of course), as a spiders web! I was all in black, with black and silver tinsel over my hat and the saddle & bridle, and lots of glitter! It was fun and magical.
    *sorry, i can't upload a photo online, as photographs were taken by my friends of me and Flyn*

    Email: lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

  3. KT, no worries! Thanks for spreading the word :D Do you have a favorite scary movie?

  4. Miss Lucinda....That costume sounds amazing! I love that you and your horse dressed up together:D How creative! I think I'd like to see more horses in costume on Halloween. I'll have to spread the word to the ranchers where I live here in California. Any excuse to wear silver tinsel :D Thanks so much for sharing! And good luck with the giveaway.

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