Friday, October 12, 2012


Title: Seed
Published: 2011
Synopsis from Goodreads

Fans of Stephen King, Jack Kilborn, and Blake Crouch… prepare to meet the Devil.

In the vine-twisted swamps of Louisiana, the shadows have teeth.

Jack Winter has spent his entire life running from something no one else can see. His childhood is his darkest secret, but after a near fatal accident along a deserted road, the darkness he was sure he’d escaped rears its ugly head… and smiles.

But this time, he isn’t the only one who sees the soulless eyes of his past. This time, his six-year-old daughter Charlie leans into his ear and whispers: Daddy, I saw it too.

And then she begins to change.

Faced with reliving the nightmares of his childhood, Jack watches his daughter spiral into the shadows that had nearly consumed him twenty years before. 

But Charlie isn’t the only one who’s changing. 

Jack never outran the darkness. It’s been with him all along. 

And it’s hungrier than ever. 

A new breed of dark fiction: the subtlety of Seed will haunt you, and the end will wickedly satisfy.



Z-oh-ma-gah-d-d-d-d-d-d-d !!!!!

Seed is one of the best books I have ever read!

Did you hear that?

E-V-A-H ! ! !

Ok... did I squee loud enough? Let's get to the lowdown.

Greta's Cliff Notes
Jack Winters is a happy 30 something Dad. He has a wife (Aimee) and 2 daughters (Abbie - 10 and Charlie -6).

After a fun night at the pizza place (think Chuck E. Cheese) Jack sees something rush across the deserted street. What was that thing? Swerve! Ahhh! Crash!!

Oh snap!! The car is totaled.

But that's not the only thing that's totaled. Life as the Winter's family knows it is abut to come crashing down on them because Jack has been carrying around a secret from his past. And that secret is caught up with him... and it's not letting go!

Greta's Thoughts
Woah!! I didn't know what to expect when I opened this book. From the first page I was freaking Glued!! If you are looking for a thriller then this is the book for you!! It has EVERYTHING!! Gore, mystery, mayhem, thrills and chills, and loads of cool ass moments.

I'm one of those people who LOVES LOVES LOVES a good book that draws me in to the character's fear. And woah!! This book does it!!! 

I love the kind of books that make you jump when you hear your cat biting on a cardboard box and make you check under the covers before going to bed. Seedwill have you doing just that.

My only complaint (and this is minor) is that I felt that Charlie (aka: Charlotte) acted more like an 8 year old instead of a 'just turned' 6 year old. But maybe because she has an older sister that would make her act more mature. Being the oldest and having an only child... I'm probably not the best person to judge.

The Characters
The author gave each character their own unique voice. I truly was amazed. No one sounded alike. And she did a bang up job writing for a man. I think, what was in her favor was a lot of this was narrative. While you got into everyone's head (which was awesome) the author just told you as it was. It read a lot like a really awesome urban legend ghosty tale!! I loved it!

Viewer Discretion is Advised
Now, if you look at the cover of the book that I have you see a little demon skipping along by a tree. I love that!! It made me want to read the book. So, with that being said... that will kind of give you an idea of what's in store for this family. Think Poltergeist mixed with The Exercist with a bit of The Omen.

And to top it all off..... You have a little KID!!!!

Ok... that freaks some people out... SO BE WARNED!!

Also.... for the weak of heart, bad stomachs, and just can't make it through a scary movie.... There is graphic gore in this book. In my opinion it could have been a ton worse... also the gore and the outcomes leading up to the gore made me squee (you have no idea how twisted I am)... so, if you had a problem with The Forest of Hands and Teeth then this book is not for you.

The Ending
Honest to Bob Barker... the ending made me get so super excited!! It ended brilliantly!! Exactly the way that I wanted to!! I commend the author and give her a mondo pat on the back. She didn't hold back, she didn't give into the majority... She did it HER way. And for that --- I thank her!! 

For the kids?
I think a 15 year old would be fine with this book. There isn't really any hanky panky and if your kid has seen a rated R movie then they have heard cuss words (which are limited in this book).

But be warned!! If you have a sensitive child ... even a teenager.... then this book is not for them!! While the graphic content was soo soo right and good.... some teens might have a problem with it.

In conclusion
If you have ever had a childhood monster, was afraid of the dark, or are just looking for a book to scare the tar out of you then Seed is the book for you!!



  1. Great review~ It sounds scary, a perfect read for Halloween. I love the title too.