Sunday, August 26, 2012

Noah's Knits: Create the Story of Noah's Ark with 16 Knitted Projects

Title: Noah's Knits: Create the Story of Noah's Ark with 16 Knitted Projects
Author:  Fiona Goble
Published: March 2012
Synopsis from Goodreads 

From the author of the sensational Knit Your Own Royal Wedding and Knitivity, Noah's Knits lets you bring to life the story of Noah's ark. Included are instructions for creating cute and cuddly knitted dolls of Noah, his wife, and 15 pairs of adorable animals, all of which fit inside the book's cardboard fold-out ark.The patterns vary in complexity, so crafters can work at their own paces, advancing from simple to more challenging projects as they watch this beloved Bible story unfold through the gorgeously illustrated and photographed pages of the book. The dolls are also perfect accessories for a Noah's Ark nursery theme!

 It all started with me wanting to find a pattern of a turtle. This is one of the best animal knitting books that I have ever worked with. Super simple! If you can increase and decrease plus cast on during a knit then you can make these creatures! And the best part? It's all done on straight needles!

I for one am not good with dpns. My tension is always way too tight and I tend to get frustrated. This book is perfect for knitters who love to knit flat. This is also great for a moderate beginner.

The animals in this book are super cute! And I love how there are girl and boy directions. And how every girl animal gets eyelashes. You even make Noah and his wife! And there's an Ark cardboard cut-out in the back of the book. Sadly, I couldn't put it together because this is a library book.

 Recently, I made the turtle and the goat. The only changes that I did was that I used US 4 needles (because let's face it... US 2 is just too cumbersome) and instead of making french knots for eyes - I sewed on buttons and superglued googly eyes. I love this effect.

I plan on making the pig later today. These are great patterns and only take a couple hours to knit up. The animals are hand size and perfect for any kid who loves to play with stuffies.

Great book!


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    1. Of the goat? I'll have to email ya because the girly I made it for follows me on facey space ;P

    2. Yes of the goat silly! Are you planning on making more animals? You should make a whole ark full!

  2. Oh yes yes yes!! I plan on making several! They are just so dang cute!! I'll send you a pic of the goat in a sec :)

    1. Hey dude! Thought I had your email addy but I can't find it. So, go check your GR's email ;) I sent da pics!!