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12 Rounds (Knockout Series) by Lauren Hammond: Review

12 Rounds
By Lauren Hammond
Published July 31st 2012 by S.B. Addison Books
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Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

Sean (Right-Hook) Reilly knows a few things about himself. One, he's the middle-weight boxing champion of the world with an undefeated record. Two, women find his cocky persona, chiseled biceps, and inked body sexy. Also, the fact that it's known that he doesn't do relationships only adds to his sex appeal. And three, he's Irish, proud of it, and a member of the Braithreachas Don Saol, a branch of the Irish mafia and king pins of the drug cartel taking over the streets of Cleveland.

Connor Doyle(aka Connie) the boss and leader of the Braithreachas Don Saol, has been like a father to Sean, taking him under his wing and teaching him how to survive on the streets after the death of his parents. Sean has never been ungrateful, but has always wanted one thing...

More. More to live for. More to fight for. More to believe in. A chance at a future without drugs or guns. A chance at a future without wondering which day will be his last.

There's only one problem with that. You live by the braithreachas. You die by the braithreachas. And Sean knows whether Connie considers him to be family or not, the only way he'll be leaving the braithreachas is in a body bag.

Hadlee Flax has had a year to overcome her issues. After almost being raped and brutalized, she's putting her best foot forward, seeing a therapist, and has even(with some persuasion from her best friend, Lara) enrolled in self defense classes. And she's doing well moving on with her life until she meets the dark, and conflicted Irish boxing champion of the world, Sean Reilly.

Hadlee is immediately drawn to the gorgeous, cold, and mysterious man who speaks with a slight Irish brogue. She soon learns that there is much more to him than his darkened gaze, cool demeanor, and body covered in tattoos. He's not the type of man she thought he was. And Hadlee finds herself doing something she never thought she would do in the last year...

Falling for a guy.

Falling for Sean Reilly. A man who is on the path to becoming a boxing legend.

One thing Hadlee doesn't know is the other part of Seans' life. His life of drug running, and killing. Or the fact that when he's not boxing he's walking the streets with a gat tucked into the back of his loose jeans, and glancing over his shoulder at every turn.

But it doesn't take Hadlee long to learn that some attractions and relationships can be fatal.

And sometimes...

They just might be worth fighting for.

Darkfallen's thoughts:

So I have been eagerly anticipating this book for MONTHS now. It's should come as no surprise that when it comes to Lauren Hammond I have definitely drank the Kool-Aide. So when I first found out about this book I about drooled on myself. I mean you take a awesome writer like Lauren and then she writes a totally hot bad boy? Ummmmmm YES PLEASE!! And let me tell you she does not disappoint!

Sean isn't really a bad guy. I mean deep down there is a heart in there somewhere. In fact that heart is what got him in to the bad things that make him look bad on paper. The day his mother died so did the naive little boy Sean once was. He did what he had to do to provide for his little sister, even if that meant working for the mob, and giving up the chance at ever having a normal life...The only thing good he has going for him is is boxing career. Then again, of course he would be a good fighter.

Hadlee hasn't been the same since that night she was attacked. She just can't seem to get it out of her head. If it hadn't have been for the guy that saved her everything could have been much worse. Still as it is she can't get close to a guy, and can barely handle going to class much less out with friends without having a panic attack. There just isn't any such thing as a safe place when the devil as weaved his way into your head. That is until she meets Sean, Right Hook, Reilly. There's something about him that just seems so familiar, but most importantly safe...

Can these two fix the broken pieces of each other?

First of all I just need to get this out of my system....Sean Is HOTTTTT. Like omg I just drooled on myself, can someone pick my jaw up off the floor hot. I can't help it, I just love my bad boys. I mean here's a man that's covered in tatts, is in the mob, fights for a living, muscles for days, and underneath all that hard shell is heart? Um yes please, may I have another? *winks* lol

Then there is Hadlee. She is a girl you can't help but love. She's broken, and lost, and raw. You just want to fix her, and can't help rooting for her. Between the two of them I'm not sure who needs the other more, but either way you just want them to have a HEA.

Overall Lauren has written another great novel. I loved all the background story and how she makes sure that you really understand each character and where they come from. Plus she does it in a way that only she can. I soooooo can't wait for the next book in this series!


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