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Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter #1)

Title: Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter #1) 
Published: 2010
Synopsis from Goodreads

Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux knows she's the best—but she doesn't know if she's good enough for this job. Hired by the dangerously beautiful Archangel Raphael, a being so lethal that no mortal wants his attention, only one thing is clear—failure is not an option...even if the task is impossible.

Because this time, it's not a wayward vamp she has to track. It's an archangel gone bad.

The job will put Elena in the midst of a killing spree like no other…and pull her to the razor's edge of passion. Even if the hunt doesn't destroy her, succumbing to Raphael's seductive touch just may. For when archangels play, mortals break…

Greta Cliff Notes
Blonde babe underworld chick, Elena, is a vampire hunter. Which means she works for the guild. And she's the best bad ass kinda hunter because she was a born hunter.

The Guild is a bunch of angels big shot dudes that have to keep an eye on everything and have been around for like ever.

Raphael is a powerful Archangel dude that is all top dog and scary and makes Elena all yummy inside. He hires Elena because that's what you do to go after a insane in the membrane Angel who is reverting to vamperism.

Archangels can make vampires.

Elena takes the job only cuz Raphael threatens to kill the people she loves, falls for the bad boy, and doesn't think twice about her puny mortal life when it comes to saving someone she loves.

That is what I took from "Angel's Blood".

Greta's Thoughts
This wasn't really my kind of book. I wasn't really into the angel politics nor was I into the weapons and the bounty hunt over the insane angel dude.

I did however really enjoy Sarah, who was like the Mama Grizzly over everyone. I wouldn't mind reading about her.

I don't feel the best was chosen to narrate this book. She kind of sounded stuck-up, at times bored, and at others as though she had a cold. I will admit that at the end her voice seemed to have gotten better. Maybe it was her accent but she just seemed too high society to be the voice of Elena.

The ending was my favorite part of the whole story which makes me curious about the 2nd book in the series. I believe I will need to talk with a friend or two before I continue. Not too sure at the moment if I want to.

All in All
While this wasn't my favorite book to listen to it was quite entertaining while I sat outside and let my turtle walk around. I could have given up but the story made me stick with it. If you like the "Magic Bites" series then I believe you will dig this.

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