Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dead of Winter by Robert Duperre: Review

Dead of Winter
By Robert J. Duperre
Publish December 20th 2010
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Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

Winter arrives, and with it the Storm. Snow piles up, turning the landscape into a white prison. The survivors of Wrathchild's plague struggle to survive. With loneliness and doubt creeping in, they must choose: stay in isolation with their dwindling resources, or journey south, taking a chance in a realm where the undead walk.

Darkfallen's thoughts:

After reading book 1 in this series, The Fall, I simply had to pick this up. And here is what I found...

Here we are introduced to a few new characters allowing us get a broader picture of just how everyone in the world, what few are left, are dealing with life after Wraith Child has taken over. By far my favorite of all the new characters was Corky & the gang. I absolutely loved those rowdy guys. But still my all time favorite characters are Josh & Krya.

Everytime Josh & Kyras' story fluttered across the pages I found myself devouring every word, and mercilessly begging for more. The relation between not only Josh & Krya, but with a few others of their group are breathtaking. Which lets face it, is no easy feat when there are flesh eating zombies killing everyone and everything around you. I don't want to spoil anything but there is definitely a twist that happens with one of the members of this group that I never saw coming until it was too late. I found myself so upset over it that I literally threw my book at the wall. Which led to me trying to find my page for 15 minutes once I calmed down. lol I was so torn over what happened that I didn't know rather to cry or fight someone, but that's kind of the point I think. It needed to happen. Robert Duperre needed to do this to make you feel what his characters have been dealing with since this all began...and it worked. For that my hats off to you.

A similar thing happened with Corky & his gang shortly after, only this time I didn't get mad. I cried. I couldn't help it. In such a short time I found myself very attached to Corky & his band of vulgar men. At times even laughing out loud with them. Especially when they said things like "Shit fuckers. lol Oh yes I am totally going to start saying that.

Now while I couldn't get enough of Josh & Kyra, or Corky & the boys, there are few stories I found myself not caring much about. It's probably not their fault I didn't like them as much. It's probably my own selfish need that just wanted more of the other two groups. If I had my way Josh's group would run into Corky's group and together they would overthrow all the zombies. One kick ass battle after the next with a side of love mixed in, but that's just me.

Speaking of love...can I just say YES Josh finally realizes that he loves Kyra!!!!
*happy dances like a pansy*
 It was a bumpy road to get there, and If I were Kyra I might have given up on him, but she didn't and I am so excited.

Overall in the Dead of Winter you will not only find yourself scared shit less and in some of the most bizarre places. You also find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat saying things like Come on, come on, COME ON!!! while grasping onto each and every glimmer of hope you can find. So while I was at times slightly confused, I can promise you that in the end you won't be disappointed.       




  1. Sounds terrific!! Thanks for the heads up on what looks like an amazing series, just added it to my TBR :D

  2. All those poor characters you weren't interested in are right now lining up outside your door, offering free foot massages and manipedis if you'll just give them a chance...


  3. You certainly know how to bribe a pregnant lady! LOL