Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wicked Jade Butterfly (Wicked #3) by Lily Graison: Review

By Lily Graison
Published June 12th 2009 by Create Space
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Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:

Christian Palmer isn't your typical rocker. Much to his band mate's amusement, he's quiet, shy and looks like your average boy next door-but that's all about to change. An encounter with a girl he can't seem to forget calls for drastic measures and with the help of his friends, Christian goes from dud to stud in hopes to wow the girl of his dreams.

Jessi McClure has led a fairytale life and couldn't want for anything else. Until she meets, and photographs, an unlikely rock star. Running into him again was just dumb luck, but when their paths keep crossing, she can't help but notice the change this shy, gorgeous guy has taken on and is drawn to him even more.

When fate keeps stepping in and hands you something you didn't realize you wanted, do you throw it away or hold on with both hands?

The part where Darkfallen says yes please may I have another?:

This one was by far my favorite of the wicked series so far!
I mean Christian....OMG YUM!
This book definitely caused some wicked temptation, and amazing lust filled dreams I might add.
But not only that, I loved the softer side to this one.

I fell in love with Christian from the start, and found my heart breaking a little for him at times. I really wish this book would have been a little longer, if for no other reason than I wasn't ready to let go of him yet. Although had it been longer I'm sure I would have ended up crying and needing a tissue, so maybe it's a good thing it wasn't.

But look kids...
Here is the deal...this series is great!

 Lily Graison as a way of reeling you in, grabbing your heart, and turning up the heat factor, without all the drip-drip-gooey-sticky moments. The emotions are sweet, and what every girl dreams about. The sex is FOR THE LOVE OF B.O.B hot, but never over the top or gross. So if your looking to fill a quick erotic hunger, then Lily Graison is just the lady to do it!  




  1. Thanks for sharing the fun today!

  2. What happened to book 2 LOL? I need to read these books. Jodie has read/reviewed all four. Nice review my dear! Stop over at my blog this week. We're doing a big event for one of Lily's partners at Alinar Publishing, Kallysten. Kiki introduced me to her before she started -then got Sue to do it- pimping Lily.