Saturday, August 27, 2011


Guess what my kiddie wastelanders...
Today is a very special day here in the wastelands...
So wander on out of the hole you have no doubt dug yourself in, and join us for...

Greta's Birthday!!!!

Yep thats right is it a national holiday here. So all of my fellow wasteland employees you have the day off work for cake and yummy goodness. All to celebrate our dear Greta getting a year older :))

And what birthday wouldn't be complete without a cake?
Don't worry...Greta jumps over the moon on her birthday every year;)

And what would a party be without some music right?
You would NOT believe the amount of men that I had fighting in my living room over a chance to sing to Greta...OMG!!!
So here are just a few...

first was this guy...
and to be honest with you...I don't even think he knows how to sing. But really? I wasn't going to ask him to leave ;)

And then there was Avenged Sevenfolds lead singer, M. Shadows...
I mean he was determined. Knocking smexy men out with his baseball bat! Again I was NOT about to ask him to leave...
Just as long as he didn't get blood on my carpet.
I swear these guys are ruthless when it comes to Greta!!

And then of course there was Gavin...
He was a lot more civil then the rest but you should of seen how crushed he was when he didn't win:(

And you are NEVER going to believe won the battle...

But don't worry I couldn't let poor Gavin go away heart broken. Especially since we all know how much in love with Greta he is...
So I decided he could sing his new hit single to her instead.
(I mean it's only fair since it is probably written about her anyways *winks*)

Hope you have a very happy birthday girl!!
You know I love you and so do all of our little wastelanders...
May this new year bring you many great books...
And many MANY yummy, num num, RAWR wolfy's with Scottish accents;)

Oh yea and one more thing...don't forget to shake your booty!!


  1. AHHHH!! Thank you dude!!

    And wow!! You had a beef cake shake down in your den? That is most awesome!! You probably could have sold tickets to that!

    Again again!! This is the most awesome bday!!! Super sonic squees with fruitestas on top!!

  2. Hahaha I tried yesterday to buy you a giftcard to Taco Bell online. I was hoping it would be like Amazon and I could just email it to you and you could print it out. But apparently it doesn't work that way so BOOOO

    Yes and the battle was brutal. M.Shadows had to be restrained at one point. Then he got blood on my carpet after I told him not to. He is SOOOOO replacing that. And then of course I had to punish him....which made me wonder if it was my birthday? Lolz

  3. HAHAHAHA!! HAHAHA!! ZOMG! I would have had him on his hands and knees cleaning that up ;) See... there's benefits to that. Him bent over with his shoulders straining because he has to hold himself up to clean the stain. yes yes!

    What? mamam likes some good shoulder action.

    OH! And you put him in a most awesome belt, right? Well you should have!!!

    SNORT!! I'm probably the only person now a days that admits to loving Taco Bell. YAYS! For for the 12% beef filling and seasoning!! NOMS!! lolz!

    Butters! We went last night and I totally got my freeze. It was awesome because I'm sick and you really shouldn't share off a sick person lolz. MORE FOR ME!! nom nom nom!!!

    P.S. When am I getting my cake? Both beef and red riding hood. I'll be expecting them today at my door ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Greta, nice party you all are having.

  5. Nice seeing everyone at Greta's party!! And remember party as hard as you like, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and then it's HILARIOUS! BUT you get blood on my carpet and well....just ask M.Shadows what's gonna happen *winks*

  6. Happy birthday Greta :) Love the cake, be sure to save me a piece - yum!

  7. so...if I get blood on your carpet, I get put in the same corner with M. Shadows??? ;)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRETA!!!!!---You look a million times younger and prettier!!!! Wishing you tons of shoulder action in the year to come!!! :D

  8. @Nym--LMAO!! A corner? Really? Oh sweetie I have to keep that pet in a dungeon...but I think he wouldnt mind a little company;)

  9. HAHA I LOVE THIS POST!!! LOL so full of awesome! happy birthday greta!!! =D

  10. Thanks everyone for the most awesome birthday wishes!! IT was totally my best bday to date!! WOO WOO!!

  11. Happy birthday Greta! I know I'm a bit late, but I hope you had a good one! :)