Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Box Turtle Manual

Title:The Box Turtle Manual

Published: 2004
Synopsis from Goodreads

The Box Turtle Manual is the most complete guide available to help ensure that you have the most up-to-date information on caring for your turtle. Some of the essential information in this book includes choosing, housing, feeding, breeding, and health-care of your turtle. There are also special sections on the Malaysian Box Turtle and the Chinese Box Turtle.

This book was great!!

So much info and one little compact book! Loved it!

And I loved how home remedies were thrown in so you at home can try to ail your turtle.

For instance: If a turtle gets dehydrated you can give him Pedialite or Gatorade. And if a turtle needs some calcium STAT... then sprinkle a Tums on his chomps.

I found the pictures in this book to be great! I wish they were all in color though. Well, excpet for that one about lack of vitamin A and eye crust. That was pretty gross and pusy. My family and I screamed when I ran in the den and showed it to them. ZOMG! I actually got sick after thinking about excreting that much puss out of a poor turtle's eye. BLAH de yuckles!

The chart on diagnosing your turtle's sickness is going to be most helpful!

 I actually bought this book at the used bookstore and am quite happy that I did. This will be referenced several times in my Little Dude's life.

Now, if it only had a chapter about dressing your turtles up for Halloween.

This book is totally Little Dude approved!


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