Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Turtle And The Broken Truth

Title: Old Turtle And The Broken Truth 
Published: 2003
Synopsis from Goodreads

Powerhouse team Douglas Wood and Jon J Muth present a sequel to Old Turtle, the award-winning wisdom tale of peace and love for the earth.

In this profoundly moving fable, the earth & all its creatures are suffering, for the people will not share their Truth, which gives them happiness & power, with those who are different from them. Then one brave Little Girl seeks the wisdom of the ancient Old Turtle, who sees that the people's Truth is not a whole truth, but broken. Old Turtle shows the girl the missing part of the Truth, & the Little Girl returns with it to her people. Then the pieces are brought together, and the broken Truth is made whole at last: YOU ARE LOVED...AND SO ARE THEY. Then the people & the earth are healed.

I really enjoyed this book.

It is about a stone that falls from the sky that is the broken truth. The animals are uninterested in it because it is not the whole truth. They decide to leave it alone. One day a human finds it and he really likes how good it makes him feel. Before the broken truth was found humans could listen to nature but after they find the broken truth they become obsessed with only it. Other humans want to have the broken truth as their own and they start to discover how different everyone looks from everyone else. This starts war.

The animals seek out Old Turtle and tell her how they don't understand why the humans are fighting over the broken truth. THe animals tell Old Turtle how it isn't anything special. Old Turtle tells them the humans are not ready to see the error of their ways.

Next a little girl seeks out Old Turtle. She tells Old Turtle how the world has always been at war with itself but Old Turtle tells her how she remembers a world when life was not like that. Old Turtle tells the story of the broken truth and gives the little girl something to take back to her people. The Little Girl hugs Old Turtle goodbye and starts her journey home with all the animals that sought out Old Turtle.

Once she is near her people, the Little Girl shows them what Old Turtle gave her. It is the missing piece of the broken truth. And while some people are scared and others are angry a lot more are happy. And slowly, the people learn that people are people and even though we look different we are all the same.

Greta's Thoughts
This book is probably over the heads of many children, but I do believe it would be a good before nap story or a good camping story. It is a very very nice story about nature and equality. I really enjoyed it.

And the ending is just perfect!!

And far away, on a hill
in the center of the world...
Old Turtle smiled.

It brought a tear to my eye. It's just a beautiful story

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