Friday, September 28, 2012

Glass Heart (Cold Kiss #2) by Amy Garvey: Review

Glass Heart (Cold Kiss #2)
By Amy Garvey
Published September 28th HarperTeen
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Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:
Wren can do things that other people can only dream of. Make it snow on a clear, crisp day. Fly through an abandoned tunnel. Bring a paper bird to life.

Wren knows her abilities are tinged with danger—knows how easy it is to lose control—but she can't resist the intoxicating rush. And now that she has Gabriel by her side, someone who knows what she can do—what she has done—she finally feels free to be herself.

But as Wren explores the possibilities of her simmering powers, Gabriel starts pushing her away. Telling her to be careful. Telling her to stop. The more he cautions her, the more determined Wren becomes to prove that she can handle things on her own. And by the time she realizes that Gabriel may be right, it could be too late to bring him back to her side.

Darkfallen's thoughts:
Wren and Gabriel are trying to get past the whole "Danny Incident" that took place in the first book. The only problem is that Wren is trying to learn more about using her powers and Gabriel isn't so sure if she should be doing that. Without being able to turn to her mom for guidance she turns to the most unexpected place; to two strangers that caught her using her magic in public. Only problem is these strangers aren't all they are cracked up to be. Can she really trust them over Gabe?

First I want to say that I didn't read the first book in this series, still I wasn't really lost about what was going on. I instantly loved how in love Wren & Gabe were. You could just tell that they had been through a lot. That being said I did think Wren threw a few to many fits, and almost sabotaged her relationship over and over again. She just kept getting on my nerves with how she would blow up and run away. How Gabriel was able to just take it and stick it our was beyond me, but I'm glad he did. That just made me like him even more.

I also loved the magic woven into this story. The whole idea of your powers being out of control during their adolescence was perfect. I kept imagining Sabrina The Teenage Witch every time Wren's little sister threw a fit. It seems fit throwing runs in their family. lol

Overall this was a good, fast read. I was just expecting something more for some reason.

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  1. How interesting! I haven't read the first book yet, but i'm definitely going to check it out now :)

    - Ellie @ The Selkie Reads Stories