Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alice and Greta's Color Magic

Title: Alice and Greta's Color Magic 
Published: 2001
Synopsis from Goodreads

Frog's guts and lizard's eyes,
to every color I say good-bye!

Greta's at it again.

This time, she casts a spell she knows Alice will hate--one that makes all color in the world disappear! Now Alice may be nice, but a witch has to do what a witch has to do. So Alice casts a spell of her own to teach Greta a lesson. Soon the spells start flying, and before they know it, Alice and Greta have made a color magic mess--every color in the world gets mixed up!

Can Alice and Greta work together to fix this color confusion?

Steve Simmons and Cyd Moore make magic again with another Alice and Greta adventure--a delightful story with an important message about the beauty and importance of differences.

This witch book is all about color.

Greta the naughty witch is sick and tired of the happy Alice witch being so happy. So, Greta decides to rid the world of every color except her favorite, green.

In a world of grey and green, the children are sad, the chameleons are nervous, and the peacocks are quite embarrassed.

Alice decides to teach Greta a lesson and bring back the colors except for green.

Greta of course is ticked because "How dare she!!"

Greta brings back green with her magic but the two spells mix all the colors up and together they have to cast a spell to make the colors right.

In the end, Alice is happy that Greta helped, but Greta is too busy to even notice because she's ready for her next diabolical scheme.

Greta's Thoughts

This book is a cute way to get kids excited about colors. I think it would be great for pre-school to 1st graders.... also for anyone named Greta.

The pictures are full of life and I simply love love love the animals in the scenery.

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