Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words

 We all know the saying
"A picture is worth a thousand words."
So I ask you...
What Does this one say?

Don't know?
Wondering what the hell this has to do with a book blog?
*scratches head*

Well lets find out shall we?
Yes, yes rather you want to or not, we shall ;)

Ok so first what do we know.
We know the girl is wearing a wedding dress. That she is standing on what appears to be a dirty loading dock. To be a little more specific she is posing on a loading dock of an abandon warehouse, in the graffiti district.
How do I know all this?

Because that girl is me!
 So now you know that in addition to the books I like I'm just all around strange. Traditional is not a word often used to describe me, in fact if you say it's traditional then I'll prolly avoid it like the plague. Also if you were wondering, yes that loading dock was filthy! So was the graffiti walls, but it was worth the pictures! Thank goddess the abundance of alcohol consumed that day kept me from caring about the condition of my dress by then time we made it to the reception *winks*
Darkfallen this is all great, but this IS a book blog....what does this have to do with books?

Ok I'll give you a hint....I got married on June 5th 2010
What else happened on that day?
Here maybe this will jog your memory...

Yep yep that's the day Stephanie Meyer released The Short Life Of Bree Tanner.

So now I bet you have one last question.
What does A have to do with B?

The girl in the pic (me), couldn't wait to get back form her honeymoon to get her hands on a copy of this book thing lead to another and I was lucky I wasn't late to my own wedding. Well barely, I made it there with 15 minutes to spare, because I dragged my M.O.H, me in my wedding dress, her in a full length formal dress, into Borders to buy this book. I really wish someone would have thought to take a picture! The people at Borders looked at us like we were crazy. In their defense, we are a little;)

In the interest of getting better acquainted I thought I would share my little story.
Now I ask you...what is the craziest thing you've done to get your hands on a book?


  1. There aren't many crazy things that I have done to get my hands on books because I mainly get them at the library.

    I do have a LINGER story though.

    Last March (2010) I read SHiver and fell deeply in love with it. I couldn't wait for LINGER to come out. I waited and waited and then finally it was (insert month that it came out. I think it was July).

    During that time I kept having dreams of the book. I dreamt that I was at Books A Million and read the book in one of their chairs. I dreamt that I was at a Dr.s Office and I saw a woman with an advance copy and I sat behind her and read the book.

    Insane, yes? LOLZ!

    Finally when the book came out I had to wait a whole month for my library to process it. THen I had to wait a little longer because I wasn't high up on the hold list.

    All in all... I learned my lesson and broke down and bought Forever because I don't think I'll be able to handle another Linger Situation without loosing my marbles :)

  2. Love the picture!!! You look so distant, and thoughtful, and it works!!! I have a thing for photography, and I would so book you to be my model when I become big for my awesome in the photography business. It's always hard to find someone with the kind of posture that you have in the picture :)

  3. @Castergirl172 *blushes* Ahhh you are too sweet, but girl I am so SO not photogenic or model material for that matter. But is you ever want a good challenge, and some edgy photos, i would totally give it a try. If you can make me look good in a pic than you are worth millions!!

    He he don't you hate having to wait? Especially when you dream about what is "gonna" happen in the book, because you are totally and hopelessly obsessed with it. The dreams just make your heart break everytime you wake up without the book in your hands! Ahhhh the torment of waiting. Thats why I have a bookshelf called Waiting-is-breaking-me, bc I assure you it really is, and you can bet your bottom dollar Forever is on that list!!

  4. Love the picture and I love this story! That's a true book lover/obsesser-over right there! hehe :)

    I haven't done too many crazy things for books. Mainly because I am lucky enough to live in an area where we have an AMAZING library system. So, I can normally get my dirty little hands on any book I want.