Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get To Know Me Through Books Givaway!!!

That's right you guessed it...

It's time for Paranormal Wasteland's first ever

What is "Get to know me through books?"
I thought you would never ask *winks*

 Many of you may or may not know this is my first ever blog. Yep yep that's right I'm a new proud momma to this here wasteland.
*wipes happy tears*

Just last Thursday I introduced myself and Paranormal Wasteland into the wonderful world of blogging. For those of you that missed it check out The Girl Behind The Mask by clicking here to get better aquainted. You will quickly see that I'm a rambler. Yes, yes I know it, but refuse to change. LOLz

You will also learn other things about me, like for instence I have a serious reading addiction. I understand the first step to recovery is acceptance, but I assure you there is no recovery in site, nor do I want one ;)

Oops I'm rambling again!
Let's get back on track shall we?

Yes, yes, right here we go.

For me at least, the books we read, the ones that haunt us, the ones we want to chain up under lock and key and never let go off, says alot about who we are as a person.

So without further ado let me introduce you to the books that I not only want to keep under lock and key, but that have also locked a piece of me inside them as well. Seriously I would probably tuck them under my pillow at night, if I didn't think the hubz would have me committed for it.

*drum roll*

This book has left me searching, hoping, praying, for the strength to make it until the next book comes out. We all know that Edgar Allen Poe was a amazingly dark and twisted piece of awesome, and how Kelly Creagh weaved that awesomeness into this book will leave you breathless....and maybe a little scared of the dark. *winks*
It goes without saying that waiting for the next installment is breaking me to pieces.

This next book also dwells in the dark recesses of the paranormal wasteland.
Can you tell I like the dark corners?

So last but certainly not least I bring you.....
In this book Brenna Yovanoff paints a dark and twisted world below the city of Gatin. This is a great changeling book, and the House of Mayhem will take you through all sorts of nightmariss monsters, but in the end Yovanoff will suprise you, and leave you feeling for these creatures. While I am midwest born and raised, my family is mostly from the south. As most of you know southerns have a thing or two for superstions. My great grandmother was no exception to that. She passed those beliefs on to me, and you will see some of that in this book. Yes this is again another scary book, but there is some awesome music involved too. She describes it so well that even though you know the songs and singers don't actually exsist, you need to buy it anyways! No seriously I contacted her after reading this asking for downloads. It was that good, but unfortunately it was all a figment of Yovanoff's amazing imagination.

Not only do both of these books hae a Tim Burton esque quality to them they share something else in common as well. Can you guess what it is??
Ok, ok I'll tell ya.
They are both debut books for these authors! So keep your eyes peeled for their next books.

The fact that these two books affect me the way they do says alot about me. In the spirit of getting to know each other one lucky winner will get a copy of both books.

What do you have to do to enter for a chance at this big bowl of awesome sauce!?!
Well that's easy peesy;)

First of course you have to be a follower to enter.....then simply leave a comment below asnswering the following question:
What book do you think best reflects your personality?

Of course sharing is caring so spreading the word on facebook and twitter will earn you extra points!!
Please also leave you email address in the comment as well that way I will be able to let you know if you win.

Now that I've bared my book soul I can't wait to see yours!
This contest will run from April 14th-April 21st
I will announce the winner Friday April 22nd!!

Love You Mean It



  1. Oh so exciting!!

    Congrats on your new biggity blog

    And what a fabulous contest.

    I've never read either of those books but now I want to try to win them.

    I just shared the contest on FACEBOOK so extra browny point there.

    - The book that best reflects my personality would probably be "Party Monster".

    Yes, I feel inside I'm just a Club Kid out for power and attention and will just kill ANYONE who stands in my way ;)

    *you already know my email address and since I'm such a nervous nancy I'm going to leave that part blank. Tag me back if that's a problem.

  2. Wow both of these books look fantastic, and I have never read either so my fingers are crossed. Thank for the chance!

    The book that best describes my personality - now that is a question that totally makes me think! I think I have to go with Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. The main character can be naive, loves to read, open to the idea of the paranormal, and sometimes allows her ideas to get the better of her that gets her into trouble!

  3. Hahahahas I prolly coulda guessed that Party Monster would describe you. lol

    As for the email, no worries there! I got ya covered chica ;)

    For anyone else who might not want to leave there email in the comment no worries!! you can just send me a personnel email with your contact info. Also if you are a part of a blog or GR leave me a link and I can find ya that way. ANNNNDDD I will also post the winners name next Friday here so you can always come back and check here to see if you won!!

    Sorry I don't have google docs up and running yet. I'm pretty much computer dumbers:)

    Good LUCK everyone!!!

  4. YAY for awesome giveaways!!! *dance around Wasteland erratically*

    *stops suddenly, head spinning* Okay. *sits down* Where was I? Oh yeah... So I Tweeted annnnd Facebooked. =)

    And a book that best descries me... hm... A book does not come to mind easily, but a few poems do! I've always connected with anyone lived in a pretty how town by e.e. cummings. Soooo beautiful. Especially:
    all by all and deep by deep
    and more by more they dream their sleep
    noone and anyone earth by april
    wish by spirit and if by yes.

    I adore Second Fig by Edna St. Vincent Millay:
    Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand: Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!

    And last, but not least, I'm a sucker for Robert Frost. Desert Places is a goodin':
    They cannot scare me with their empty spaces/ Between stars- on stars where no human race is. / I have it in me so much near home/ To scare myself with my own desert places.

    There are countless others, but I'll stop there!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!! The first of many. *raises a cup of tea to you*

  5. Awww you really do loves me! *sips my tea*

    Ummmm thanks for the tea!!

    Loves the poetry references!! Especially the Frost. Him, Dylan Thomas, and.....can you guess who else are my favs???

    *taps finger on the table*
    daaa da daaa dada da da da, daa da dadad

    he he like my Jepordy theme music?

    Yep yep why Mr. Poe of course....I love that man's dark side;)

  6. Thanx Chica!! Nice to meet ya:))

    Hope you enjoy your time here in the wasteland, and I look forward to getting to know you.

  7. I'm a new follower!!! You kind of remind me of myself in a way, funny. Anyway, the book that reflect me is...........................hmmmm....... I do not really know.......'more thinkiing' this is beginning to give me a headache. Well the book that bests reflects my personality is The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Wanda, is a very kind individual. She is really sweet and gentle and only thinks of others.

  8. HAHAHAS I can already tell we are gonna get along just fine!! lolz

    If you ever find yourself getting lost in the wasteland, that is my rambling, heres a lifevest to keep you a float!
    *hands soymilk a lifevest*

  9. I agree wholeheartedly on certain books stay with you, haunt you like a ghost forever.

    There's Poe and Lovecraft, but there's also a book that is only one to scare me in the daytime: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

  10. hi chick, iv followed you all the way from good reads lol....i love your blog, so much nicer then i dont really think there is a book out there for me... like to be in rachels caines series the morganville vamps coz i like the way there all friends and stuff but they get excitement as that was such a dumbass answer lmao.....any way congrats on the great blog chick.....

  11. Thanx for all the blog praise!!! *blushes*

    @Sue girl I stoped by you bliggity blog today and OMG you get like 1,0000000000 extra points for the smexy eye candy alone!! I uber loves it!

    I have been wanting to start the morganville series for a while I hear they are great. Thankx for following me over from GR. It's a lot of work starting up a new blog *wipes brow* sheeeessss.

    But stick around and I'm sure there will be more chances to win great books...*hint hint*

  12. I'm so happy for you!!! You have gotten you're blog up and running. I feel like it's been forever sense I've talked to you. You may know me as Telia from goodreads. You've done soo much In just a little time that you have been blogging. (and have done so much more than I have sense iv had my blog. Hahah I don't have the time anymore.)
    To answer youre question, I love books that are dark with lots of twists and turns, because thats just like me. I'm quite and hard to figure out. And that's what I look for in a book. Something that will make me think. I don't want to be able to know what's coming, Which I can do very well. I want to have a 'oh no she didn't moment', because thats me you'll never know what I'll do next. I don't even know what I'll do next.

  13. Hey Girly!!! Long time no chatty!!

    Glad you like the blog. Girl I have been running around like the mad hatter on crack lately. Running a blog, keeping up on my writing, reading, review, chasing a two year old....ahhhhhhh *chest tightens* Ha theres a pill for that!! he he I sound like an iphone commercial. Got anxeity? There's a pill for that!

    Hope all is well with you and school isn't kicking your arse. All though I have a feeling the hardest thing about school for you is pretending you care. lolz

    I never really know what I'm going to do next either. That earned me the title Crazy Kaycee when I was growing up. It keeps life interesting and those around us on their toes.