Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Darkfever by Karen Moning: A Review

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I started this book because my good pal Danny over at Bewitched Bookworms is madly, and completely in love with this series.

As a general rule: If Danny loves it, then I love it.

Well....I am sad to say that I just didn't get into this book as much as she did. I did like it, but there was things that just bothered me to no end.


Mackayla is just your typical 22 yr. old party girl. She doesn't take life to seriously. Working at her local bar, hanging with friends, sun bathing by the pool, and knows more about the color of nail polish than a girl should, in my opinion.
Her life was perfect. It was easy....and then the phone rang. Nothing would ever be the same after that day. The day Alina died. The day that stemmed a series events, unraveling Macs life one detail at a time. The world would never be as simple as the world she thought she knew...

Moning paints a great new world of darkness lurking in plain site. I love the idea that there is both good and bad fae. I love the setting in Dublin and the "dark zone." I even love Barrons and all his bras, stone cold comments. What can I say I fall for the bad boys with secrets, and no answers. It must be that element of danger that I like so much. *winks*

And Barrons has DANGER written all over him.

While over all I think this story is going to turn out to be great, epic even. (I've heard the next book is waaaayyyy better) This book just didn't quite live up to my expectations. I guess my main problem was with Mac. She was just sooo superficial at times, alot of times, that I thought I was going to lose it. I mean seriously why do I care that you are wearing Iceberry Pink nail polish, or Guys-like-pink lipstick?
Then again maybe that is just me, considering the fact that I have NO idea what the name of my nail polish is, but if I was to guess I would say something like Ravens Flock At Night? And that's when I actually wear it. SO I mean I'm just not that into the super girly stuff lolz.
Ok so that was pretty much my only complaint, but it happened so often that i simply couldn't over look it. That's why this is getting only 3 stars from me.
Giving credit where it's due:

I do have to say though that at the very end when Mac steps up to the plate and kicks some serious butt....yea that was pretty much awesome, and I am hoping I will see more of that Mac in books to come. That's a Mac that I could get used to!!
Bottom line I am looking forward to seeing where this goes from here, and now I'm off to read the next installment!

3 stars


  1. I know these books! I think Danny can be quoted as saying they are EPIC PERFECTION!! =) I lubs her so.

    Ya know, I never picked these up because I knew they were apart of a series and frankly series drive me nuts. As in, they make me want to tear my eyes out and throw them across a room.

    But one day I shall try them out.

    YAY for awesome reviews. =)

  2. I've only read one and I don't think I can read another. BUT! I do dig the HIGHLANDER series of Monings. You might dig that better.

    HAH! So, you did notice that there were tons of make-up, lipgloss, and strappy shoe wardrobe changes.

    For the life of me I couldn't figure out why this was labeled a romance. Could you? Maybe it grows into one so they have to label the whole series as it.

    Are you going to read the 2nd book?

  3. @ Cutie: Girl I know what ya mean about series. Although it seems that I can't get enough of them. Even though the patteren drives me nuts, I always seem to want another book....well most of the time. *winks* The good thing here is that the story is done, so I can breaze through it! No stupid Ohmygodimgonnadieisidon'tgetitnow waiting...lolz

    @Greta: Yep I started teh second book last night. I'm only on page 40 something, but I think I can already tell we are going to be ALOT better as far as teh crazy girly discriptions go. I mean in the prologue she does whine about how she has had to trade in her foo foo pink wardrobe for black and drab cloths, bc laundry detergent doesn't work so well on blood and green goo. LOL So I am hoping that means that I won't have to hear about it anymore.

    No more distractions, just pure fae ass kicking, and hopefully some lovin! Or at least I am hoping;)

  4. Oh my goodness I am reading book 4 in this series right now. I started it because almost every one of the people I 'talk' to regularly on goodreads adores this series and said I HAD to read it. And I have been and still am pretty disappointed with it overall. If I weren't listening to it on audiobook that I was getting from the library I never would have made it past the 1st book.

    Mac does grow up a bit as tons of crap happens to her but she is still annoying to me. Barrons is still trustworthy (I think) but is also still the biggest jackass of all time, but at least he is consistent I guess! LOL!

  5. Yea I am currently struggling with book 2 right now. In fact last night I started to fall asleep reading it:0

    Something you should know about me I don't sleep! Seriously I have thyroid cancer and the meds make me unable to catch that sandman...lol

    So when I started to drift I was like "Whoa!!!" I put it down and picked up Backstage Pass, and what do ya know? I was wide awake again...lol

    I'm going to finish this one and then take a break from the series for a bit I think.

    Glad to see I'm not alone here:))

  6. Ok, this series is absolute and pure epic perfection.. Oh cutie said that already... But it is, This series drew me in like no other series before (apart from twilight.. duuh) and I read them 4 times already and I will SO read them again...

    I do understand your 3 star rating, but don't GIVE up !!!!!

    Gosh.. Barrons.. *faints* *swoon*

  7. ahhhh Barrons *blushes* *sighs*

    I am so in love with him! But he needs to smex me up right about now. He has teased me long enough! lolz

    I am so not giving up. Bloodfever's review will be up tomorrow. I did like it better, but I'm still not quite there. I think wiht some Barrons romance I would be floored about this series.

    Oh and I sooooooo need to know what Barrons is....oh please PLEASE let him be a wolfy!!!

  8. I have read the first one but it didn't make me want to read the second one. It wasn't bad, I just wasn't interested in what happens next.

  9. PIMA~ I hear ya! I actually won the last one, so I started to read them and OMG I just can't get into them:(