Thursday, April 7, 2011

Girl Behind the Mask

Welcome to my bliggity blog!!
I am new at this, so here goes nothing;)

I hope that you will find this a place to mingle and have fun. A place to meet others, who like you, find a great escape with a book in their hands. For all of us out there who chose reading over therapy, I mean who wouldn't right, this one is for you:)

So without further ado lets meet this girl behind the mask shall we?

Ummm so things you need to know about me....I read almost constantly. Lets just say it calms the OCD. While you might think OCD translates into a crazy clean house, think again. It doesn't! But gawd help ya if you put dishes in my dishwasher without scrubbing them first. LOLZ
I seem to only find peace in the madness, so it's safe to say that I send most of my time in a state of chaos. Don't get me wrong it is a controled chaos, but chaos none the less. So if you have minute, pull up a seat, sit on the floor, and stay awhile. Don't worry if you ever fear that your getting lost in my world, trust me it happens, I have a life vest around here somewhere. *looks around the rubble* Where did I put that thing?
He he he see what I mean? Chaos;)
anyways.....where were we?

Oh yea right

When I am not reading I'm writing, killing myself on the elliptical, running around like the mad hater trying catch the tornado, also know has my 2 yr old son Lucas, and oh yea working. Did ya notice that I didn't put sleeping in there? Yea I don't do that...sleep that is. Sleep is an elusive creature. So we have made an agreement, I don't try to find it, and it doesn't try to find me;)Besides sleep is overrated.

I have a serious addiction to reading. But hey at least I can admit that I have a problem:) The hubz swears I need a 12 step program but why on earth would I want a silly little thing like that, when I can blog instead?! Yes I am aware that I am slightly twisted, so if I confuse you I apologize now.

Oh yea I also keep an awesome arsenal of booky friends in my pocket. Pushy, Cutie, and Danny, who you can find over at (only the best blog ever) Thanx for all the help and support that I am sure I am gonna be driving you bananas with till I get this all together. And then of course I save the best for last, my partner in crime Greta. She is truly made of wonderment, no really she will make you wonder...lolz;) If you guys are really good boys and girls, and you get lucky, she just might grace you with her presence from time to time. Just a warning: Don't read her post while eating, while they tend to induce uncontrollable laughter, and I would hate to see you choke to death;) If all goes well I will for sure have a spot called "because Greta says so"
Yep that's right I do what she says!!!

Again thanx for stopping by and I really look forward to getting to know all of you. Feel free to shoot me an email or drop a comment or two. I promise I always respond. my OCD dictates that I check my email hundreds of times a day lol


  1. Hooray!!!!! I'm so glad you've taken the plunge! I'm so looking forward to reading your reviews and seeing what shenanigans you get up to in the wasteland! :)


  2. YAYS! You got your bliggity blog up and running!!

    Most awesome!

    And yes yes... it is easy to tempt me when your blog post turns to be only talking about how great I am ;) HAHAHS!

    Good luck on your booky wook endeavers and suck it cuz I know I don't know how to spell endeaver ;)

  3. I'm sucking nothing, bc that would make me a hypocrite. Girl you know that I can't spell worth a shit! lolz

    Thanx again everyone!!!

  4. Oh. My. Good. Lord!!! I am in love with this blog, and I am in love with you and your insanely awesome rambling, random ways. Plus, your use of the word wonderment in your very first blog post just made my heart do a little happy dance. That's right, it jumped right out of my chest, danced around the room, and did a swanky lil jig. (What the hell did I just say?!)

    Moving along, did I mention this is kick-ass awesomeness!?! And I'm sofa king glad you decided to join the ranks. It's a thankless job blogging and at times you will wonder why the heckles you are doing it, but always know, it's to bless the masses with your awesomeness and to take part in an amazing community!

    Lubs you so much my friend. *hugs*

  5. *scrambles around the room*
    *hands Cutie her heart back* Put that thing back in your chest. I prefer my Cutie's alive!!! lolz

    I do ramble alot don't I. My hubz likes to call it ranting, but whatever it's all the same in the end. He can never seem to keep up with my thought processes;)

    *throws Cutie a lifevest*

    There ya go girl, hang on to that for when my rambling goes off the deep end.

    I'm so SO SO SO glad you like!! *blushes* Seriously you guys have made me so red today I think I'd put Bella to shame.

    Now I'm off to go get lost in a book, bc I am having serious reality overload, so it's time to spend some time in someone else's reality for a bit!!

    Hope you had a fun b-day party for the kiddo yesterday:)