Friday, June 28, 2013

Duality by E.R. Pierce: Reivew

Duality (Cordelia Kelly #1)
By E.R. Pierce
Published April 21st 2013 by Fused Publishing Pick up your copy at Amazon, Sony, B&N , Kobo, or Amazon UK today!
Synopsis borrowed from Gooreads:
This is a darker paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy hybrid. You'll find no fluffy bunnies, or shooting stars, or unicorns walking on rainbows.

Cordelia Kelly is running from her past and her destiny. She is a dual-natured empath - meaning she is receptive to the emotional aura, positive and negative, of those around her. Cordelia struggles to create harmony between the light and dark sides of her existence. She's also an elemental, but her inherent powers are slowly manifesting with age and time. The scales of good versus evil are tilting in the wrong the direction.

Will she succumb or evolve to fulfill her destiny? Sol Winterborn is not your typical hero, if anything he's an anti-hero. Moral indecision riddle his path to redemption, but the undeniable truth he holds onto is his search for his lighthouse - his soul mate. When fate throws Cordelia in his path, he's unprepared but can't stay away. Her siren call sings a song he can't ignore. He sees in her a kindred spirit, and possibly the one he's searched long nights to find. Will Cordelia be the key to unlock his heart?

When his own dark past catches up with him, will he risk his life for love?

Darkfallen's thoughts:
This book was PERFECT!!

Cordelia is an empathy so life in her shoes isn't easy. She's never even met another empathy like her. that is until she meets Sol. He is everything she is plus he has a few special powers that intrigues Cordelia. Especially since for as long as she can remember she has always felt like two different people. One light and one dark. But when she is around Sol she feels balanced between the two. But when Sol disappears can she keep her darker side at bay before lives are put in danger?

Speaking as someone that has read some of E.R. Pierce's older works OMG has her writing gone to a whole new level!! It's polished and refined and this story was just simply perfect. I got so lost in the world Pierce created it was like the words were jumping off the page and coming to life around me. I loved the world that she created. It's been three days since I've read Duality and I just can't seem to get into any other books because my mind is still enraptured by the world E.R. Pierce created. All I want to do is jump back in and spend some time with Cordelia and Sol.

I loved both sides of Cordelia but if I have to chose then I would go with her dark side. She is fun and a risk taker, and a whole lot naughty; whereas her good side is quiet and plays by the rules. I loved Sol and especially loved the twist at the end. (NO!! I will NOT tell you. I am not a spoiler bunny. You'll just have to read it for yourself to find out. lol)

Overall this is a dark paranormal romance that shouldn't be missed! In a word...FLAWLESS!



  1. Wow, I'm quite humbled by your praise, and words. Thank you so much for taking the time to read Cordelia and Sol from Duality. I hope book two will live up to your expectations! It's called Righteous, and you can find updates on my website under my WIP's and occasionally on my blog.

    1. You're very welcome! I can't wait to read book two:-)