Monday, May 21, 2012

Blood Witch (Sweep #3)

Title: Blood Witch
Series: Sweep Series
Author: Cate Tiernan
Published: 2001
Synopsis from Goodreads

Morgan has found her mother's Wiccan tools, and her relationship with Cal is strong. Everything seems perfect. Except that Cal's half brother, Hunter, is stalking them. Hunter claims to be a Seeker who is investigating Cal for the misuse of magick. Whom can she trust?

Woowy Zowwy!!

If anything - the endings of these books are fantastic!

Talk about evil cliffies! I'm already standing on the edge screaming NOES!!! because I don't have the next book.

I so wonder how people who read this series as it was released dealt with it. I wouldn't have had the patience.

"Blood Witch" starts right where "The Coven" left off. Morgan is in Selene's private hidden library where she find's her birth mom's Book of Shadows. Oh snap! And since we already know all about Mauve's Book of Shadows from reading snippets of it in "Coven" you can bet your bottom dollar that Morgan is about to discover some real witchy things about herself.

Selene is kinda like "What you doing in here?" blah blah blah but then for some reason she's all like "Yeah sure, Morgan! You can have the BOS! I was going to give it to you anyways! True Dat!"

I felt that was kinda weird but I really think it's all a set-up because with what happened at the end... there totally HAS to be a reason to it.

Bree and Morgan still don't dig each other and Bree is still getting close to Raven. Morgan learns (when hiding in a bathroom stall) that the other coven is doing something with Morgan's hair that Bree got out of an old hairbrush from the good ol' days when they were still besties. I have no clue what's going on with it but I bet the next book will tell and I bet it will be awesome!

Hunter and Sky are still in this book and we learn a big whopper about Hunter. It's so big you'll gasp!

We also learn what clan Morgan belongs to. And she gets even more info about her roots at Practical Magic (I wish I could go there!!).

And slowly but surely, Morgan is uncovering secrets that her Mom has left behind. It makes me even more anxious to read the next book.

I really love all the info about Wicca and how it seems to be very true to the craft. Sure there is a bit of supernatural fluff but I don't see anything wrong with that.

OH! And in this book Morgan gets the cutest little kitty! Hooray for the fluffiness!

All in all this is turning out to be a great series. If you like witches then you'll love these books!

I do however wonder who SGATH is. I already know who Giomanach is. But I'm very curious about Sgath. I'm hoping it tells in the next book.

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