Friday, July 19, 2013

Tough To Love: Saving Avery (Novella) by Ava Catori: Review

Tough To Love: Saving Avery Novella
By Ava Catori
Published May 28th 2013 by Ava Catori Books
Pick Up your copy at B&N or Amazon today! Synopsis borrowed from Gooreads:

Hardened from past hurts, can Avery West and Steel Brickman find the strength to heal one another? Steel’s intensity is overbearing and strong, crushing Avery’s ability to breathe. Avery’s wall is so thick – it seems almost impenetrable. Tangled in a mess of pain and desire, the two must learn to trust one another to find their own salvation.

Darkfallen's thoughts:
This was a fast good read that I really enjoyed and wanted more of.

Avery works at a bar struggling to make it through college. Her life is anything but glamorous. That is until a Tall dark and mysterious Steel walks into her bar. He's hot and seems to have a soft spot for Avery. But is his need to save her going to push her away?

I loved Avery! She was tough. She stood up for herself. And she wasn't one of those girls that is stuck on material things. In fact she lived in a disgusting one room apartment and never complained. Well maybe she complained a little bit about the disgusting shared bathroom but who wouldn't?

I loved how it wasn't all love at first sight for Avery and Steel. She made him work for it and even after he finally won her over she still made him work to keep it. The only complaint I had is that I wish it was longer. But then again I wish all novella's were longer. lol



  1. Great review! I'm always up to hearing about more novellas. As much as I agree that they were longer, I do like being able to get through a story quickly every once in a while, especially with such a busy life. I'll definitely be adding this to my TBR list for future reference when a novella is needed. :-D