Friday, November 2, 2012

Loving Summer (Loving Summer #1) by Kalin Gow: Review

Loving Summer (Loving Summer #1)
By Kalin Gow
Published May 28th 2012 by The Edge Books Pick up your own copy at Amazon today! Synopsis borrowed from Goodreads:
Summer has always looked forward to spending her summers at her Aunt's beach house with the Donovans. To her, summers at Aunt Sookie's beach house was magical, especially getting to spend time with the Donovans - her best friend Rachel and Rachel's brothers Nathaniel, and Drew. Here at Aunt Sookie's beach house, they can be anyone and anything they dreamed. For Summer, she had always wished to become as pretty as Rachel and for her brothers to think of her as more than Rachel's friend. For Nat and Drew, summers at Aunt Sookie's beach house meant fun and escape, a place where they go to with their mom and sister for the summer, away from city life. They never thought this summer would be different. They never thought things would change as much as they did...and it all began with them falling for and loving Summer.

Darkfallen's thoughts:
This is one of those reads that you just don't want to end...

Every summer, Summer and her four friends have met at her aunts Malibu beach house ever since she can remember. But it's been three years since they've been and she is excited to see them again. Summer isn't the only one that has changed during those three short years, but as soon as they are back together old memories and friendships come flooding back. And so does an old crush on her bf's older brother Nat. Problem?....she's dating someone else, AND Nat's younger brother, Drew, is also interested in her. Will she chose the right guy? And when other problems arise who will stand up to be there for her?

This is without a doubt a great summer beach read. It's just one of those books that sucks you in and that you don't want to put it down. I absolutely loved Drew! So it goes without saying that I am Team Drew on this one. Yes this is one of those books where you are left to pick a team to root for. I must admit that I was a little disappointed to find out that this isn't a stand alone book, and therefore I didn't get to find out who Summer picks in the end. While I am excited to read the sequel, I just feel this would have been better as a stand alone.

As far as characters goes all of them are well rounded and fleshed out. I NEED to know more about them. Especially about Nat. He just seems so mysterious and I think there is so much more going on with him than meets the eye. So even though I'm team Drew, I still have a place in my heart for Nat and Astor. I hope that they both find someone in further books...just not Summer. Lol

Overall this is a great read with the potential to have an epic love story. GO TEAM DREW!!


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  1. This looks like a fun read and one I could "pre-enjoy" before I tuck it into my teenager's stocking at Christmas. ;-)