Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beautiful Dead: Arizon by Eden Maguire

Arizona (Beautiful Dead, #2)Arizona by Eden Maguire

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ok in the second installment of the Beautiful Dead, things are pretty much the same. This time Darina is helping solve the mystery surrounding the death or Arizona, another one of the Beautiful Dead. Arizona isn't all that forth coming when it comes to helping Darina. The clock is ticking and the time is running out. How long will it take for Arizona to let down the wall? Will she do it in time for Darina to find out how she died? In the end Arizona has to choose between finding eternal peace, and keeping her secrets.

So while this book is alittle better, it's not by much. Every time I think I am finally getting drawn in then someone says something stupid. For example: "Then Pheonix used his zombie powers on him and zapped his mind." I was really enjoying the action/suspense scene, but when I read that it was like a reminder saying "hey this isn't believable". Yes I am well aware that it is a paranormal book, and therefore NOT real, but come lets be honest. When we get sucked into a good book the line between reality and fanasty get blurred. You get the butterflies in you stomach, the chills up you spine, sometimes it even haunts your dreams. This book just doesn't do it for me. It really is a shame because it could have been such an amazing book if only the dialogue was better.

The other issue is that this book ended the same way the first one ended. I don't want to give any spoilers but I will say this...it is almost the same story. I would have liked to see a different outcome or a new twist along the way. Also the ending is very nice and neat. It doesn't leave you needing to jump right into the next one. No cliffhangers and if the first 2 are any indacation then I am pretty sure that I already know what is going to happen in the next one.

I will read the next 2 books only because I already own them, but sadly I'm not expecting anything different. This truely makes me a sad panda:(

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  1. I hate it when pretty cover books wind up being pretty sucky books ;)

    AWesome review!